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Image by Caleb George

Challenge negative thoughts

What can negative thoughts look like?

  • "I'm either doing it right or not at all"

  • "Everything always goes wrong for me"

  • "Everyone will look down at me"

  • "I would be happier if I were ____ (thinner, richer, smarter, etc.)"

  • “Why can’t I ever succeed?”

  • “My life is a mess”

  • "I am the worst mother ever"

  • "It's nothing; no big deal (when it really is to you)"

  • “I’m a failure”

  • "My spouse is always upset. They would be fine if I did more to help them" 

  • "My boss hates me because they suggested I speak more in meetings"

  • "They won't hire me. They think I am stupid"

  • "I know they don't like me because they didn't like my post"

  • "They didn't call me back so I won't call them back

  • "My spouse never listens to me"

  • "I am always saying the wrong things"

  • Should thinking: "They should thank me for helping out", "They should discipline their child like I do"

How to challenge the automatic negative thoughts:

  1. Practice awareness of the thoughts and don't judge yourself for your thoughts

  2. Examine the thought and the actual evidence 

  3. Identify the feelings that are attached to that though 

  4. Reframe the thought and/or focus on positives

Repeat every time until challenging these those becomes automatic.

As your coach, I can work with you to uncover, identify, examine and reframe these thoughts.

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