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Set SMARTER goals

Specific: A specific goal is well defined, simple and unambiguous.

Measurable: Having criteria that measures the progress and success of a goal helps people stay focused, motivated, and on track towards the goal.

Action Plan: An action plan details the steps needed to achieve the goal.

Realistic: In order to be set up for success, it’s important to determine if a goal is actually possible and within reach.

Timely: Many people work well with a deadline as it helps prioritize daily tasks and can create a sense of urgency or importance. A goal with a clearly defined timeframe includes a start date and a target date.

Emotional Motivation: Goals are more easily achieved when they are fueled by passion, excitement, and joy. Without this, even the simplest goal can feel like a chore and lead to procrastination.

Relevance: Determining the relevance of a goal in the bigger picture of a client’s life gives it context. It’s important to ensure that a goal is in line with a person’s values, purpose, vision, and mission, rather than a goal that’s being pursued for the sake of achievement.

As your coach, I can work with you to set SMARTER goals. 

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